Have you ever tasted a beer and said, I could probably make that? Or said, I could probably make something better? Take our Brew It Yourself: Beer Making at Home class and you’ll realize how true that is. You’ll get your hands dirty on one of our brewing rigs, and after this two part class you’ll actually walk away with a case of beer that you brewed. You and a couple of partners will brew a 5 gallon batch of beer in the first class. Then, about two weeks later you’ll come back and get to taste and bottle your beer. You will leave with at least six 22oz bottles of beer YOU made to share with your family and friends (or not)!

During the class, you’ll munch malts and huff hops, learning how to use them to achieve the flavor you want. You’ll become best friends with yeast, and fall in love with sanitizer. We’ll have a tasting of many different styles of beer to get you acquainted with the many possibilities of brewing. You’ll learn great detail about the production process in a commercial brewery, and also learn about the science behind the art. You’ll get the low down on what the best equipment is for your home brewery. Everything will help you gain the knowledge you need to make a successful, flavorful batch of beer at home.

Cool stuff:

  • 7 hours total class time

  • You do the whole process from beginning to end - not a demo

  • Small classes - max of 12 people in class

  • Take home beer you made

  • Learn from a professional brewer

  • Learn from someone who's taught over 500 people how to brew

  • Learn techniques no other class will teach you