Saturday, September 21 →

Brewing: Sat Sept 21, 11a-5p
Bottling: Wed Oct 2, 7p-8p

Saturday, October 26 →

Brewing: Sat Oct 26, 11a-5p
Bottling: Thurs Nov 7, 7p-8p

102: Advanced brewing

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Saturday, August 10 →

Brewing: Sat Aug 10, 11a-6p, in Sebastopol
Bottling: Thurs Aug 22, 7p-8p, in SF

  • Each class is taught over two sessions. Brewing, for six hours one afternoon, then bottling, for one hour in the evening about ten days later (the advanced class is a little longer). See the details under each listing for exact dates and times.

  • It’s okay if you can’t make the bottling; we’ll hold onto your beer for you!

  • Classes take place at the Mercurius Beer Lab: 726 15th St., San Francisco, CA 94103, unless otherwise indicated.

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gift certificates

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