Our brewing sessions make a great team-building event, or a fun activity for your social group. We’ll work with you to customize the session to your needs. You’ll brew 3 (or more!) different batches of beer, which will end up being over 6 cases of big 22 oz bottles. It’s doubly fun to then share the beer you made with your co-workers or friends. We can brew a quick batch in 3 hours, or do the whole shebang over 6 hours, or somewhere in between.  We’ll do a big tasting of lots of different styles of beer to acquaint everyone with the raw materials and the many possibilities in brewing. Check out our Brewing 101 class to get an idea of the brewing process. We can make it casual and give you lots of time to hang out with your fellow brewers, or we can take a deep dive into the science behind the art. There’s a few good points in the process to have lunch or serve cake for a birthday. We’ll provide snacks for everyone, and you can bring in a whole meal if you’d like. The event can be hosted at our space in the Mission District of SF, or we can discuss doing at your site as well; we can even host it a couple of local breweries. We've done brewing sessions with teams from Facebook, Ring Central, the Dry Creek Gun Club, Hotel Nia, PlanGrid, NepFin, Grey Goose, lots of birthday parties, a dad’s group, and others. Contact us below for more information and to get a quote.

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