Second Advanced Class in the books

We had a great class!  Thanks to everyone that attended, it was great fun.  

I switched it up in this class and we brewed two 5-gallon batches instead of one 10-gallon.  We made a Double IPA and a Weizenbock that came out at 6.8% ABV and 6.7% ABV, respectively.

I created a couple of fun gizmos for the class.  One is a manometer that allows me to teach about differential pressure in the mash tun, runoff rates, wort velocity, and bringing it all back to avoiding a stuck mash while maximizing mash efficiency.  Basically, I took a sight glass from More Beer and added it to the output of the mash tun, just upstream of the valve that controls runoff rate.  It's a great way to visualize the differential pressure in the mash tun and to really see how a mash can get stuck.

The second gizmo is some tees and valves that allow us to sparge two mash tuns from one hot liquor tank.  It's nothing amazing, but it worked great.  Some high temp tubing, a tee fitting, hose clamps, a couple of valves, and it did the trick.

The counter-pressure bottling went great this time.  This is a really fun and unique part of the class that no one else is teaching.  There's some pics below.  Great job Marc, Kristen, and Jon!

I hope you all enjoyed the class and keep the home-brewing going!