Team Building Brewing Session with Facebook

This past week we hosted a fun brewing session with the team from Facebook Dating. They were looking for a unique team-building off-site session, and making beer fit the bill. Alpha Acid Brewing in Belmont was kind enough to host us. Their tap-room and brewery is the perfect space to make beer, as it comes pre-equipped with an awesome supply of beer for drinking before and during the brew day. Facebook Dating brought a team of about 20 people for the team building session, and we brewed 5 different beers. We started off with everyone getting a flight of Alpha Acid beers: their awesome Betty Lite Blonde Ale, 510 IPA, Call of the Mild mild ale, and their Pure Porter. Then we dove into the brewing, with the team brewing a range of styles, from IPA, to a hybrid wheat beer, to a rich dark stout. 25 gallons of beer is now fermenting away, to be bottled in a few weeks. Thanks for having your team-building session with us, Facebook Dating, we had a great time!